If you have a great and outstanding idea, we are ready to listen to you. We love and support entrepreneurship and are always looking for new projects and different forms of collaboration.

We read and respond to all proposals we get considering the proposal is following the basic guidelines below:

* Send your business proposal by e-mail.
* Make sure that the document is text based. Please don't send any photos or large attachments.
* Explain the idea briefly along with how far the idea has been developed and in what way you can see potential revenues and profits in the next 3 years.
* State what your role will be in the project.

E-mail the idea to:

Use the words "business proposal" in the headline.
Before sending any e-mail be sure to read the agreement to the right as you are accepting that agreement upon sending us your business proposal.


By sending us a business idea you agree that:

We shall not be under any obligation to you with respect to your idea except as may be set forth in a subsequent written agreement between us, fully executed by us both. Neither of us shall be under any obligation to execute such an agreement. Except as may then be specifically provided in such a written agreement, we as a company and our employees are as free to proceed with
respect to any business or arrangement based on ideas that are the same as or similar to those submitted by you as we were prior to the submission of your idea, and neither you nor we will be obligated to exploit any such ideas in any media.

No agreement for compensation shall be implied by consideration or review of your idea. In addition, you shall not be entitled to any finders, brokerage or similar fees from us in connection with your idea, regardless of any agreement you may have with any third party with respect thereto.