Richard Nilsson was born in 1972 in Helsingborg, Sweden. It was in Helsingborg he took his first lessons about the equity market when he was just 14. By the age of 17 Richard Nilsson took his first banking education and shortly after he became 18 he started to work at Sparbanken Skåne. In the meantime he was studying in school.

In 1993 Richard Nilsson founded a small accounting and consultancy firm and his first office was a former coal cellar in Aschebergsgatan 4 in Helsingborg. The small consultancy firm expanded into an international consulting group in five countries covering an area of accounting, banking and taxation before he sold the company group in 2005.

In 2004 Richard Nilsson founded Résidence Supérieur Ltd in London, United Kingdom. With open imagination he designed an exclusive top-class lifestyle concept.

In 2005 Résidence Supérieur made an international tour and opened the concept in countries like Sweden, Russia, Dubai and United Kingdom.

Supérieur Lifestyle was launched in the year 2005 within the Résidence Supérieur. Richard Nilsson's idea was to be synonymous with an exclusive lifestyle, providing a complete experience which would range across a variety of service and product sectors.

During 2006-2008 it has been a busy period for lifestyle designer Richard Nilsson. It has also been the time when the celebrities really found Résidence Supérieur and embraced it.

In 2008 Richard Nilsson became responsible for the Monaco and French Riviera division of the world's largest private jet brokerage. Just a few months later in the beginning of 2009 he became in charge of Europe.

The luxury Supérieur Magazine was launched in early 2009. The purpose of the magazine is to cover the world of Résidence Supérieur and the activities that are offered to the guests. The same year Richard Nilsson launched the now annual Fashion Week Cannes.

In 2011 he hosted Playboy Mansion Cannes and The Jackson Family Foundation at his crown jewel property - Villa Oxygene in Cannes.

In 2012 Richard Nilsson established an entertainment platform in collaboration with Michael Jacksons former manager Dieter Wiesner and launched one of the world's most exclusive membership clubs for stars and celebrities, The Supérieur Lounge. The membership club is supported and endorsed by the Jackson Family Foundation.

At Résidence Supérieur, Richard Nilsson presents his ideal living, his dream of a perfect environment. This includes all services from cruising, helicopter dining, racing and much more, and they are all carefully selected and tailored in order to delight all your senses. A combination with appreciation of beauty and an intimate and special place where one can relax and unwind and entertain guests surrounded by beauty in a Supérieur environment. Résidence Supérieur has until today been the host to television channels from all over the world, fashion magazines, life style magazines, actors, sheiks, corporate leaders and fashion designers.

“He is a warm and gentle open minded unpredictable corporate leader. He is breaking the traditional way of thinking, a leader who loves the adventure and who put pleasure in combination of making money. He is a modern man with human values. His travelling and opportunity to meet people from the whole world have made him rich. It has given him a deep knowledge and understandings of other cultures and their way of thinking”.
- Thomas Hagman, former Vice President, 7 years within Richards company group.

Villa Oxygene

Villa Oxygene become a culture club for the social elite for the film, fashion and music industry. The 360 degree of art and cinematic events makes Oxygene to one of the legendary clubs similar to Studio 54 in New York and Star Club in Hamburg.

Villa Oxygene was situated upon the hill side of Cannes on the French Riviera. The spectacular design and the round shapes was created by the famous arcitect Jaques Quellle, and an extra finishing touch was made by the legendary manager Richard Nilsson.

Villa Oxygene made its fame during the Cannes Film Festival and since 2010 Oxygene was the official mansion of the family of Michael Jackson and the Jackson Family Foundation.

Villa Oxygene and Richard Nilsson was the host to several of the worlds' leading lifestyle brands like Playboy, Virgin, Lamborghini, Maybach, The Jackson Family, Unilever and many more. Superstars like Jean Paul Belmondo, Eva Longoria, The Jacksons, Ron Arad, David Ginola, Abidal, James Kottak, Wes Madiko and many more has been guests at Villa Oxygene.


Richard Nilsson was inspired to get involved in charity work after seeing The Live Aid in 1985 organized by Bob Geldof. He joined Amnesty International and has since then supported several charity organisations. Richard Nilsson himself organised a fundraising to a hospital for children in 2007.

Jackson Family Foundation - Letter of Support

Read the Letter of Support from The Jackson Family Foundation to Richard Nilsson:
Letter of Support (pdf)

Richard Nilsson supports the following organisations:

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