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International lifestyle designer Richard Nilsson, the founder of the extreme luxury and lifestyle company Résidence Supérieur, takes the next step in redefining luxury.

On December 8th the Black Card will be introduced in an effort to redefine luxury and set a new standard for the luxury lifestyle. The Black Card will be limited to only 50 members worldwide, with an annual membership fee of 200.000 euros.

The holders of the Black Card will get access to the entire Résidence Supérieur concept, with the highest standard, quality and service when it comes to properties, cars, private jets, yachts, events, entertainment and the Supérieur Connoisseur Lifestyle. The Black Card members will be able to get access to a Résidence Supérieur property, private jet service, yacht and the other services within only a 6 hours notice.

The Black Card aims to be one of the most exclusive memberships in the world. Besides providing the highest quality and service available, the Black Card also stands for efficiency and making the vacation simpler for the members. Résidence Supérieur is today situated on the French Riviera but will on January 1st present the other properties that will be included into the concept.

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