Richard Nilsson

Lifestyle Designer Richard Nilsson is working with global Marketing & Development of Jackson Family Foundation in order to continue and protect the Legacy of the Legend and follow his mission of Peace, Love & Unity.

World Peace Night

Hey world citizens may I please ask for your attention,

During the Cannes Film Festival 2014 I will be together with people who believe the impossible is possible to organize a World Peace Night on the 23rd of May 2014 in favor of the humanity. War, poverty, right to food and water, right to education and to not have the freedom over your own life is not a technical problem, it’s a human problem. Imagine living your life in peace with no borders.

On this special Peace Night we will, together with you who like and share this page, celebrate and honor Nelson Mandela, John Lennon and Michael Jackson for their life achievements and for living the legacy. All changes starting with the man in the mirror and it’s our human responsibility to heal the world for our children´s children.

A special thanks to the JACKSON FAMILY FOUNDATION, ISINGFORCHANGE by Nicole Slack Jones, UNESCO, NELSON MANDELA FAMILY, WHEEL AROUND THE WORLD (WAW) FOUNDATION and to ALL of you including supporting charity organizations like www.rehability.de, www.brave-art.eu and to all the fan clubs that support our Peace statement and to make this magic night happen. Lets make the World Peace Night Campaign Global, share with as many friends from different nationalities you can, ask them please to share and post from which country they are living in. Lets involve every single country on the Earth.

Thank you for your time with Love & Peace from Villa Oxygene, RICHARD NILSSON.

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