The Résidence Supérieur Connoisseur Collection offers some of the most exciting and exclusive items.

Our limoncello is a breathtaking and effortless balance of natural richness, freshness, power and finesse. Our limoncello is one hundred percent ecological produced and only the finest mature lemons are selected.
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Ideal for dressing salads and cooked or raw vegetables. Perfect in cooking with meats, fillets, escalopes and risotto. Delicious by the spoonful or dripped over ice-cream, strawberries, or parmesan.

Truffles are mushrooms growing underground, near trees with which they live in symbiosis. Stored into the fridge at +3 degrees Celsius, wounded in absorbent paper, they must be kept in a glass box. The paper wrap must be changed every day. To preserve their taste they should always be consumed as soon as possible. They are one of the best seasonings you can prepare in the kitchen. Truffles are served raw, cut in thin plates, over cold or warm dishes.

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